Patterson Receives Standout Award

Nov 01, 2022

Congratulations to Scott Patterson for receiving the Full Circle Standout Award!

Full Circle Standout is a quarterly award program where our employees are nominated by their co-workers. The nominee must display integrity and embody the core values that align with Full Circle Ag, which include:

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Tenacity

  • Continuous Learning

  • Safety

Scott Patterson works at our Britton Agronomy location and has been with the company for over 9 years. In his time at Full Circle Ag, he has been in propane sales and delivery, grain operations, and currently agronomy operations. It’s safe to say Scott is very knowledgeable about the services and products offered here at FCA.

Here are a few things Scott’s co-workers had to say about him:

“Underneath his rough exterior, Scott is an honest, loyal, and dependable employee who can be counted on for whatever needs to be done. His attendance is superb. Scott will do whatever needs doing, wherever it needs to be done. He’s a knowledgeable and capable mechanic but knows his limitations.”

“Scott is an applicator, but he also helps load trains, delivers feed, and helps with trucking needs. He researches to find the problems with the trucks and equipment and has established a positive relationship with the parts suppliers. He is a hard worker and likes to stay busy.”

Scott is also known to have helped at our grain elevator in Forman while an employee was gone for an extended period of time.

Congratulations again to Scott Patterson for receiving the Full Circle Standout Award!

Pictured: Jeff Thaler, CEO, and Scott Patterson

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Previous Recipients

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2020 Employee of the Year: Kelli Erickson
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