Every Acre Has A Promise

I think we can all say we learned a thing or two from 2019. One of the major things we, at Full Circle Ag, learned is the extreme importance of tying it all together. For this reason, we have designed our 2020 program to revolve around the fact that Every Acre Has A Promise. Whether it’s your seed placement, tissue samples, or ending yields, every acre has a story to tell and provides some sort of insights to your operation as a whole.

Farming is like a puzzle. It’s not about the pieces, but how they fit together. We are here to help you fit all those pieces together to make your puzzle fit.
By hosting a few educational meetings (with food, of course) and providing beneficial products for your crops, we hope to share agronomic insights to help you succeed in your operation.

The awesome prizes are just a bonus!

it's not about the pieces, but how they fit together

Seed Placement

Let's talk about it. We want to make sure we get it right: right hybrid, right field, and the right population.

Ag Tech Summit

Come learn how to tie it all together! March 4 at the Britton Area Event Center.


Due to COVID-19, check with your Trusted Advisor on qualifying for puzzle piece #3!

Ascend Pro & SL

How quickly your crops emerge can make or break your yields. Let's get your corn out of the ground faster.

Tissue Testing

All fields are not created equal. Let's see how your fertility program is working and view the report card of your crop.

Field Forecasting Tool

Generate predictive information about many aspects of your field. Get the full picture.


Mitigate the stress your crops will endure. Increase your yield potential and protect your investment.

Answer Plot

Your resource for localized insights you can trust.

Session I: July 8
Session II: September 10

Elite Grower

The proof is in the harvest.

Receive a 2020 Elite Grower jacket with your farm name embroidered simply for participating in the contest! 

Visit with your Trusted Advisor on grand prize!

2019 winners 

Husky Mobile Workbench: Mike Frey, Frey View Dairy

"Thanks Full Circle!! The tool box with work bench will come in very handy around the shop."
- Mike Frey

Campbell Hausfeld Generator: JaDee Dwight, Dwight Farms

"The banquet was awesome!! Also a huge Thank You for the prize!! It really made my day and is greatly appreciated!! Keep up the good work Full Circle!!"
- JaDee Dwight

What Can I Win?

As part of participating in our 2020 Acres to Insights Puzzle, you are entered to win some pretty awesome prizes!

Husky Mobile Workbench

Raise your work to a whole new level.

Ranger XP 1000

The ultimate prize for any operation.

Ranger XP 1000 TWICE

Visit with your Trusted Advisor on how you can be eligible to be entered to win the Ranger TWICE!

Free Seed

Need we say more?

Trusted Advisors


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