Your Full-Service Energy Provider

Full Circle Ag is proud to offer the following energy products and services: 

  • Bulk fuel, Propane, Lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Sales, Service, and Delivery

  • Fuel storage tanks, Fuel pumps, Propane tanks, DEF equipment, Bulk tote systems for lubes and setup

  • Full service maintenance division. Fuel containment design and installation, Radiant tube heat, In-floor heating systems, Boiler and furnace repair.

  • Full service grain dryer maintenance and installation.  Preseason grain dryers.

  • Fuel and Propane contracts.

  • Grain dryer sales – GSI and Farm Fan


Be Prepared for Heating Season

Placing Nutrition Right Where It Needs To Be
Placing Nutrition Right Where It Needs To Be

11/13/2020 3:52:46 PM

Placing nutrition right where it needs to be. Give us a call today for all your strip till or double shot needs....

Mark Your Calendars!

9/15/2020 9:13:36 PM

Join us in Doland next week for our Fall Starter Meeting & Supper! Come learn about Performance Livestock Analytics, an easy-to-use software program that will help you save time and boost accuracy for better cattle management. Purina will also have a Beef Specialist present to discuss weaning strategies and Purina products to use during weaning. We look forward to seeing you there!...

Keep Your Animals in Optimal Condition Year-Round

7/29/2020 5:00:03 AM

Get your sheep and goats in their best condition, with Purina’s Accuration Sheep and Goat Hi-Fat Block. Introducing a protein, hi fat block that has the vitamins and minerals, to keep your animals in optimal condition year-round....

Explore Your Cover Crop Options

7/22/2020 7:16:06 PM

Learn more from Tony Lyren about how you can explore your cover crop options....

Cenex Total Protection Plan®

Keep Your Business Running Like A Well-Oiled Machine.

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When it comes to our customers, safety is our #1 priority. That is why we use the latest equipment paired up with the latest technology. Our LP bobtails are equipped with digital meters wired to in-cab computers with computer generated tickets. We service what we sell. Please allow adequate delivery time. Your order will be routed as efficiently as possible.

Be sure to take note of our Out of Gas Policy.
To view the policy, click Here.

Services offered:

  • Fully CETP trained staff
  • Keep-full or will-call status (150 gal minimum fill)
  • LP tanks from 120 to 1000 gallon to fit all your needs (We also offer large bulk tanks)
  • Outdoor as well as indoor line installation
  • All parts necessary for an LP system
  • Pre-season and repair of all makes and models of grain dryers
  • Leak checks
  • Fully trained service techs


At Full Circle Ag, we offer the Cenex AFD (Automated Fuel Delivery) program with the latest monitoring technology available.  We also offer will call in addition to AFD.

Cenex branded diesel fuel is the only fuel available that has had extensive testing and is proven to reduce maintenance, downtime, and provide better starting for todays hotter running Tier IV engines.

Payment options include cash or credit along with contracting. We service what we sell.      

Products and Services

  • Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster premium off road diesel

  • Cenex Roadmaster XL premium on road diesel

  • Gasoline

  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in bulk

  • Single and double wall fuel tanks

  • Pumps and all accessories

  • Containment systems (planning and building)

  Our diesel fuel contains:

  • Injection Stabilizer

  • Lubricity Improver

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Cetane Improver

  • Storage Stabilizers

  • Detergents

  • Demulsifiers

Automated Fuel Delivery

Cenex AFD (Automated Fuel Delivery) is an automated fuel delivery system that always keeps your tanks full leaving you worry free about supply. Full Circle Ag will install monitors in your tanks and set them up. They are cell monitors that use a cell signal to operate. If you have cellphone coverage they will work. There is also a call in option available even if you have a monitor installed.

Options with AFD

  • Always available fuel supply
  • Consumption billing
  • Contracting
  • Ability to buy monitored fuel at your time of choosing

The link below will take you to the AFD website where you can have a login setup to check the information on your tanks.


Grease & Lubricants

Full Circle Ag offers a full line of Cenex oils and greases in bulk and packaged quantities. We also sell the Cenex agricultural equipment warranty for used and new equipment.


Oils and services we offer:

  • 5-40 Maxtron (bulk and packaged)

  • 15-40 TMS (bulk and packaged)

  • 10-30 TMS (bulk and packaged)

  • Quiklift HTB (bulk and packaged)

  • All Cenex greases

  • Packaged oils

  • Bulk oil systems

  • Air operated meters and hose reels

  • Anti freeze

Energy Team


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