Out Of Gas Policy

At Full Circle Ag, the safety of our customers is a top priority.  

We strive to maintain our excellent safety record. We achieve this by following laws and standards set fourth by the industry. The National Fuel Gas Code 54 and NFPA 58 are the standards we follow. This law states that no propane will be dispensed into a system that can not be brought back into service safely, therefore any detected leaks or faulty equipment will be replaced or repaired before the system is to be brought back in service.

Current Policies

There are a few recommendations that Full Circle Ag requires of our customers to help avoid out of gas calls:

  • We ask that you be placed on a regular route, for your and our convenience.

  • If on a “will call” plan, we advise our customers to call the office before the volume in their tank reaches 20% propane in their tank.

  • If on a “will call” plan, we also require a 48 hour notice so that we are able to place you on our drivers daily route.

  • We ask our customer to advise us when they change appliances or interrupt their propane service for any reason, so that we may bring their system back into service safely.

In the event an “Out of Gas Call” happens, there are a few guidelines that we follow to help bring the system back into service, safely and quickly:

  • We ask the customer to provide both a home and work/cell phone.

  • We ask that an adult member of that household be home when we deliver propane.

  • We require that our delivery person leak check the system and relight all pilots.

  • If there is no one home, our delivery person has been advised not to fill the tank or leave any product in the tank.

  • After a customer has made a 3rd “Out of Gas Call,” we will refuse to service that account.

  • Any “Out of Gas Call” will be held to a 150-gallon delivery minimum.

  • Any “call in “ order of less than 150-gallons or less than 48 hr notice will be assessed additional charges.

Charge Prices for out of gas calls

During Business Hours


During Nights/Weekends


During Holidays


*This may be in addition to a leak check charge of $50.00

If a customer on a KEEPFULL route happens to run out of gas, there will be no charge for a leak check or a delivery charge of product