Not All Glyphosates Play Nice

Jun 03, 2021

It’s important to beware of potential compatibility issues with Enlist One Herbicide and Potassium-Salt or “K-salt” Glyphosates if not mixed correctly.

Not all glyphosates are made the same. You have Durango DMA, which is a DMA-salt, Abundant Edge, which is an IPA-salt, and Roundup PowerMAX, which is a K-salt.  And for Enlist tank mixes, the different types of glyphosates make a big difference.  Most importantly, the K-salt or potassium-salt glyphosate forms.  There is a physical incompatibility with Enlist One herbicides and K-salt glyphosates.

If a K-salt glyphosate (Roundup PowerMAX) and Enlist One come in contact with one another, by either adding them to a tank mix one after the other with no time for recirculation or having them touch each other in a single cone with no water added at all, a heavy white residue develops when individual crystals form, otherwise known as salting-out issues.

The heavy white residue creates sludge that will plug spray tank screens and nozzles.  Once this salting-out has happened, no amount of mixing water or other products would get it back into solution.  A similar problem happens when AMS is added to the tank mix immediately before adding Enlist One. 

The good news? The solution to these K-salt and AMS compatibility issues with Enlist One is simple.  It is a bit more time consuming, but simple.  You need to add these tank mix partners one at a time – pausing between each one to allow recirculation to happen before adding the next product.  For dry tank mix partners, dry AMS, give it 5 minutes to recirculate. For liquid tank mix partners, K-salt glyphosates, give it 2 minutes.

Below are pictures of jar tests done by the University of North Dakota State Extension Weed Specialists to show compatibility issues between K-salt glyphosate and Enlist One.  They mixed 1 pint of Enlist One with 1 pint of a K-salt of glyphosate (Roundup PowerMAX) or 1 pint of a DMA-salt of glyphosate (Durango DMA) at 3 different carrier volumes: 1, 3, and 15 gallons per acre.  They then shook the bottles and let them sit for 1 hour. Images 1-3 show the different mixtures at 1 minute after mixing.

For more information, click here to view to the Enlist tank mix procedure:

As always, be sure to reach out to your Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor for more information.

Casey Erickson
Sales Agronomist

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