Meet the Team: Brian Beck

May 12, 2021

Meet: Brian Beck, Energy Department Manager/Safety Coordinator

Brian Beck has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry. He started with Full Circle Ag as a propane delivery driver. After 15 years of delivering propane, Brian moved to the role of Energy Department Manager/Safety Coordinator. He is also a vital part of the Marketing Team here at Full Circle Ag.

Brian is extremely experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the energy sector. Following the energy markets very closely, he always keeps tabs on fuel/propane pricing, as well as any contributing factors. If you haven’t already, be sure to get on his Fuel for Thought emailing list as he sheds light on both widespread market information and well as any current FCA energy offerings, contracting information, and so much more. (And oftentimes, they come with a good laugh or two!)

What motivates Brian to come to work every day? “FCA has allowed me to meet many people and offer them the experience of the top-quality products and services we provide. Even after working in the energy sector this many years, it is still a challenge. As far as safety is concerned, it has been an interesting ride learning the meaning of safety and providing a safe work atmosphere for FCA employees.”

He also makes it a priority to ensure our member-owners have the energy products and services they need to keep their homes warm and farm operations successful and operational. His exceptional customer service and product knowledge go hand in hand, which makes for a great team member.

Jeff Thaler, CEO, comments, “Brian has a commitment to Full Circle Ag and the local community that is second to none. He is an individual that is willing to take more for the benefit of others. Brian has showcased this both at work and in his personal life. Brian leads both our energy division and safety culture at FCA. He also serves his local community through volunteerism by being active in the fire department and city council. His knowledge of the local marketplace and history of the cooperative brings a huge value to the decision-making process at FCA.”

In his spare time, Brian and his family like to camp, fish, and do some minor traveling. They also have 3 dogs: Gizmo, Cody, and Willow. They are members of his family and spoiled worse than his two kids.

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