Joe Gustafson Receives Full Circle Standout Award

Oct 16, 2023

Congratulations to Joe Gustafson for receiving the Full Circle Standout Award!

Full Circle Standout is a quarterly award program where our employees are nominated by their co-workers. The nominee must display integrity and embody the core values that align with Full Circle Ag, which include:
·         Honesty and Integrity
·         Leadership
·         Teamwork
·         Tenacity
·         Continuous Learning
·         Safety

Joe manages our Britton agronomy location and has been with the company for 12 years. Here are a few things Joe’s co-worker had to say about him:

“Joe is always a trusted resource for both customers and employees. He is relentless in the pursuit of always doing the right thing. I couldn't be more honored to be on the same team as Joe”

Congratulations again to Joe Gustafson for receiving the Full Circle Standout Award!

Previous Recipients
2023 Q2: Jim Pearson, Britton Agronomy
2023 Q1: Missy Grandpre, Groton Agronomy
2022 Employee of the Year: Brent Thayer
2022 Q4: Missi Remund, Wilmot Agronomy
2022 Q3: Scott Patterson, Britton Agronomy
2022 Q2: Brent Thayer, Britton Agronomy
2022 Q1: Sara Frey, Hecla/Britton Main Office
2021 Employee of the Year: Lon Remily
2021 Q4: Becky Roehr, Britton Main Office
2021 Q3: Lon Remily, Doland Agronomy
2021 Q2: Tory Hoines, Pierpont Agronomy
2021 Q1: Tim Sheldon, Hecla Agronomy
2020 Employee of the Year: Kelli Erickson
2020 Q4: Kelli Erickson, Britton Main Office
2020 Q3: Wyatt Heine, Hecla Agronomy
2020 Q2: Tony Lyren, Doland Agronomy
2020 Q1: John Beaner, Britton Agronomy

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