September 2018 - Decker Farms

Aug 27, 2018

September Producer of the Month - Decker Farms

“The freedom to make your own decisions and the ability to keep your family involved.”

Casey Decker has been farming in the Gwinner, ND area for 20+ years and believes that the best part of being a producer is the ability to make his own decisions and work closely with his family. Although the ability to make your own decisions also comes with the burden of having to make your own decisions. the benefits outweigh the risks.

The Decker Farms operation consists of Casey and his wife, Jaime, Dennis & Lynnae Decker, Chris Decker, Shawn Beck, Logan Decker, Auston Creech, and Braxtyn Hamann. Aside from the day-to-day operations of the farm, Casey is also a District Sales Manager for Stine Seed Company. “This crop year is very similar to the last few years. We’re hoping to have bumper yields and an excellent crop.” The beans are not turning right now so harvest is not in the immediate future, but when the time comes, they are hoping for a good turnout.

Between operation expenses, GPS technology, chemistry, and swath control for planters & sprayers, the Decker family has seen several changes throughout the years. The cost of farming is the #1 change that Casey has encountered in all his years of experience. Having no control over the weather and markets are certainly the hardest part of being a producer for the Deckers. “Your entire operation revolves around two things that you cannot control: weather and markets.” The Deckers are most certainly not alone when it comes to the uncertainty of mother nature; however, the current crop is looking great and everyone is hopeful for a successful harvest for our area producers.

With September 16-22 being Farm Safety Week, Casey recognizes the importance of farm safety. “Most accidents happen when I get in a hurry.” A constant reminder to slow down, take your time, and not rush things, is extremely high on the list of priorities for the Deckers. “My son, who drives the combine now, is even more careful than I am! He has ridden with me his whole life, so he understands the importance of safety.”
Tanner Zetocha, the new ag teacher at North Sargent School, has been a great addition to the school, according to Casey. “My kids really like him. He has been great. He even got us going on an FFA group.” Having community involvement and support for the agriculture industry is something that most all area farmers can appreciate. Teaching our youth about an area of business that surrounds them daily will be very beneficial for everyone involved.

A huge thank you to Casey Decker and the rest of the Decker Farm crew for being our September Producer of the Month. We wish you a safe and prosperous harvest and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

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