November 2018 - Jeff Forsting

Nov 13, 2018

November 2018 - Jeff Forsting

A typical fall day for Jeff Forsting starts by servicing equipment in the morning followed by hopping in the combine while hoping and praying that everything holds together so he can continue to work until it’s time to quit. This fall; however, has been anything but ‘typical’ not only for Jeff, but for all area farmers as well. Not very often do you have a chance in the middle of ‘go-time’ to sit down to do an interview with a busy grower. However, with the snow that we have gotten, things have certainly slowed down for a bit. Lucky for Full Circle Ag, we were able to chat with Jeff Forsting about the life of a producer.

“When you have cattle, there is always something to be done.” Between snow storms, rain, and keeping calves healthy, a typical day is anything but ordinary. “My spring days are pretty hectic. Calving during bad weather is definitely one of the toughest.” Although most of the calving is done by the time they hit the field, there is never a dull moment when it comes to raising cattle.

Jeff has been farming since 1978 so it’s easy to say he has witnessed several advances in the agricultural industry. “Technology has definitely changed the most. Going from a pull-type combine to a combine that is virtually 90% automated has been the biggest change.” Although technology advances have been an improvement to agricultural equipment and the industry as a whole; change is tough. “I miss sitting in the dirt. I didn’t care how dirty it was. As long as I could drive, I didn’t care.” True dedication comes from within and Jeff is definitely a dedicated producer.

“It’s a family owned business, where you’re all part of it.” Jeff comments on his view of the importance of cooperatives. Being on the board of directors for over 22 years, Jeff has a more educated view on the cooperative system and the way cooperatives operate. “Keeping our people up to date on the best technology out there is the number one thing we can do as a coop to better serve myself and our patrons.”  With all the changes coming within the industry, Jeff strongly believes that staying educated is key. “Learning how to control the new weeds that are popping up and so forth, while saving as much money as possible, is something that we need to stay on top of.”

Thank you, Jeff, for being our November Producer of the Month!
We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us and wish you a safe and bountiful finish to harvest.

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