December 2018 - Bud Bruckner

Dec 19, 2018

December 2018 - Bud Bruckner

What is the easiest part of farming for Bud Bruckner? Being his own boss. What is the hardest part? Being his own boss. “Selling cattle is probably the most rewarding. You finally get to see the profits from all your hard work.” Having to make all the decisions for the farming operation is not an easy task; however, farming is something that Bud has truly been passionate about his entire life.

Bud started farming in 1974, after growing up on a farm his entire life. He was about a year old when his parents moved to the farm that he currently lives on now. “We get much better yields now than we did many years ago and the chemicals have really changed.” Along with the yield and chemical changes throughout the years, Bud has experienced several technology advancements. “Yield mapping and variable rate seeding & fertilizer have really made things simple.”

Although this was by far the hardest harvest that Bud has been through, it ended up being a great year overall. Between the odd weather patterns, many breakdowns, and everything in between, it was a rough year for the Bruckners. “We were late getting the crop in this spring because of the late-winter blizzard. We then had a very wet spring, but it leveled off and we started getting rain just at the right times, so I was very thankful for that. The last three years we were in the same boat – we needed rain! Considering everything, I was very pleased with the yields.”

“Cooperatives do a good job helping everyone in a timely manner. They get the fertilizer and spraying done at the right time – and on time – and I think it’s great to have them.”
Full Circle Ag would not be successful without growers who believe in the importance of farmer-owned cooperatives, so we sincerely appreciate the business of all our patrons.

Thank you, Bud Bruckner, for being our December Producer of the Month! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to working with you for the 2019 growing year.

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