August 2018 - Lorin Fliehs

Aug 01, 2018

August 2018 - Lorin Fliehs

Farming is not just a hobby…it’s a way of life. This statement is extremely fitting for Lorin Fliehs as farming has been a part of his life since he was born. Growing up on a farm south of Claremont, SD, Lorin has been in the agricultural business since day one. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern State University, Lorin decided to move back to his roots and take part in the operation full time. 43 years later; he is living in the same house, just a different location. The house was moved from the farm to Groton, which is where Lorin now resides. Not many people can say they have done that!

Lorin and his son Jarod are currently involved in the operation. Jarod also sells lawn mowers for his business, Fliehs Sales & Service, which was originally owned by Lorin’s father, Irvin Fliehs. After many years of working alongside his grandpa, Jarod took over in 2004 and has been running the business ever since. Irvin was the one who taught Jarod how to run the combine when he was younger. Between learning about farm equipment and the mower business, Irvin had a big influence on bringing Jarod back to the farm permanently. “Back in the day, my dad ran the combine and I did all the running around. Nowadays, Jarod runs the combine and I still do all the running around!” Lorin joked about his role in the operation. Irvin taught Jarod well!

Lorin spent 14 years on the Full Circle Ag Board of Directors so he has an informed view of the importance of cooperatives. Not only does he have the educational background of the co-op industry, but the experience in working with cooperatives for his entire life. “The value of the co-ops has evolved through the years. They have been the ones that were capable and had the financial wear-with-all to maintain the services in the local communities; both required and requested, during all the ups and downs of farming.” Cooperatives work for the betterment of the growers, always having their best interest in mind. When the growers succeed, the co-op succeeds. When the co-op succeeds, the growers succeed.

“We had a late start on planting this season; however, things went well after we finally got started. We finished on time and have received some timely rains when a lot of areas were going without.” Although the norm for this planting season was delayed for nearly everyone, it appears things have gone well and the Fliehses were one of those that were able to finish on time. “I don’t anticipate any late harvest situations. We’ve been very fortunate in the Claremont area. Crops have been relatively stress-free, which is very unusual for the entire growing season.”

We would like to thank Lorin Fliehs for being our August Producer of the Month. We wish you and your family a prosperous growing and harvest season and look forward to continuing working with you and your family operation for years to come.

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