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May 20, 2021

At this point in the planting season, you are probably focused on getting your crop in the ground and planning your strategy for in-season crop management. As you look for ways to stretch your dollar, ag technology tools can help you understand when it is time to focus on certain areas that need attention, as well as pumping the breaks on other areas. Now is the time to take advantage of technology to understand the trends that are occurring on your farm.

The R7® Field Monitoring Tool (FMT) from WinField United allows you to track your crop’s status to determine if a field needs attention. The different colored pins indicate higher than average, average, and lower than average crop development, giving you a clear indicator of status based on the field’s reading. The R7® Tool also combines predictive weather models, tissue testing, agronomic practices, and ground truthing to measure the health and performance of your crops. This tool helps you quickly find when and where you need to focus in order to increase your ROI.

The Field Monitoring Tool (FMT) also allows you to scout your fields more effectively and efficiently. The tool is updated with real-time information about your crop health based on vigor status captured from aerial imagery. This gives you a reliable viewpoint of where your fields need extra attention and can help you target individual areas much more precisely using the pin drops.

With our Full Circle Ag app, you are able to utilize the R7® Field Monitoring Tool, as well as the Field Forecasting Tool to view your fields in real-time. In addition to the agronomic tools, you also have the ability to view grain bid information, your individual account information, as well as view and order products online.

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit with your Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor for more information on how ag technology tools, as well as our Full Circle Ag mobile app, can help your farm operation succeed – all at your fingertips.

Casey Erickson
Sales Agronomist

Our mission is to be our customer's first choice for industry-leading resources and knowledge. 

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