What is Acres to Insights?

Jan 07, 2020

Attend a few meetings, win a Polaris Ranger. That’s what it’s all about, right? Believe it or not, winning a Ranger is actually just a bonus compared to everything else you receive from our Acres to Insights program. At Full Circle Ag, our goal is to be your first choice for industry-leading resources and knowledge. In order to achieve that goal, our Acres to Insights program is your resource for agronomic insights for every acre.
How did Acres to Insights begin?
We believe in the power of education and providing information for you to use to help your operation succeed today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. We decided to pull all our resources together to form a program that can benefit each one of our member-owners’ operations. Everyone benefits from shared resources and knowledge.
Year 1: Optimized Acre Showcase (2019)
The first year of our Acres to Insights program really focused on the power of localized insights. It centered around pre-plant, AnswerPlot, and post-harvest educational meetings that provided specific agronomic information to help you make the right input decisions for your crops. From pre-plant to in-season to post-harvest, our Optimized Acre Showcase was there every step of the way to help provide you with as much information as possible to help you and your operation succeed.
Year 2: Every Acre Has A Promise (2020)
We are all ready to say good riddance to the 2019 crop year. Although 2020 might not look extremely promising, I think we can all say we learned a thing or two from 2019. One of the major things we, at Full Circle Ag, learned is the extreme importance of tying it all together. For this reason, we have designed our 2020 program to revolve around the fact that Every Acre Has A Promise. Whether it’s your seed placement, tissue samples, or ending yields, every acre has a story to tell and provides some sort of insights to your operation as a whole. Farming is like a puzzle. It’s not about the pieces, but how they fit together. We are here to help you fit all those pieces together to make your puzzle fit.
By hosting a few educational meetings (with food, of course) and providing beneficial products for your crops, we hope to share agronomic insights to help you succeed in your operation.

The awesome prizes are just a bonus!

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