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Jun 20, 2019

Impacting Soil With Cover Crops

This spring, area farmers had well thought-out plans for every acre, but mother nature had different ideas. 

With a record number of prevent plant acres this year, many acres will be sitting idle. Maintaining soil health throughout the growing season is a major consideration for the idled acres.

The benefits of cover crops is a topic we strongly encourage you to discuss with your Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor.

Why Plant Cover Crops?

1. Weed Control
Mixtures of radish, turnips, and oats will grow rapidly and shade the ground helping with weed control though the season.??

2. Maintain Microbial Activity
Planting a cover crop will help maintain the microbial activity in the soil, which can reduce chances of fallow syndrome the following year.

3. Accessibility
Cover crops can help make fields more accessible by using up excess moisture.

4. Reduce Soil Erosion
Surface soil erosion can be reduced versus bare soil, especially with a lot of rainfall.

5. Healthier Microbe Ratio
Green cropping is valuable going into next season by adding more carbon to the soil which creates a healthier C:N ratio for microbes.
This will also reduce nitrogen tie-up next year.

6. Break the Cycle(s)
Another value of cover crops some people overlook are the breaks in pest cycles, such as SCN and CRW.

Talk to your Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor to find out which cover crop program fits your acres the best.
Thank you for your business!

Tim Fieber
Wilmot Manager/Sales

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