Uncertainty in the Ag World

Feb 08, 2022

As most of us know, the agronomy world is changing – mainly with supply issues and logistics going into the spring planting season.

Whether it comes to chemical, fertilizer, or seed products, supply is on everyone’s minds. As I write this article, one thing I would suggest for our Full Circle Ag member-owners is to visit with your Trusted Advisor and address your supply needs in order to ensure you are covered for spring planting. Whether that comes to seed placement or chemicals that you will need, be sure to visit with us. For example, we, at Full Circle Ag, have many different options to choose from. If one product is tight because of supply, we may have the ability to find a similar product to fit your needs, or one that has the same mode of action as the ones you may be used to using. 

Thanks, and happy planting in the spring of 2022   

Brad Lien
Location Manager
Sales Agronomist
Gwinner, ND 

Our mission is to be our customer's first choice for industry-leading resources and knowledge.

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