Spring Fuel Needs

Mar 31, 2020

If you haven't covered your spring fuel needs yet, be sure to give us a call. If you are monitored on AFD, the trucks are coming around and topping off tanks to make sure fuel is in the country. If you are on AFD but on a call-in basis and have not yet done so, now would be the time. Spring inches closer every day and the price is right.

For the ongoing safety of the AFD drivers, they have been forced to deviate from their standard procedures at times. With social distancing strongly encouraged, they have asked their drivers to leave delivery tickets on the tank hose or somewhere near the tank. This may mean that customers are not getting their tickets hand delivered to an office or directly to someone onsite. They are doing their best to comply with the new regulations.

As of right now, deliveries and supply are at normal levels and I do not expect that to change, but with the current issues, it is better to be proactive versus reactive.

Brian Beck
Energy Department Manager
Safety Coordinator


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