Spring Field Prep: Clean Fuel, Efficient Engines

Apr 08, 2024

Spring field work is right around the corner, just do not look outside today as mother nature is getting even with us after the awesome winter weather. I know most of you reading this have or are getting your equipment ready to go. Do not forget to take care of your fuel as well. Your equipment is only as good as the fuel you put in it, so you should get in the habit of keeping it clean. Tank maintenance should be at the top of your yearly/every other year maintenance program.  

As technology evolves, equipment and diesel engines are becoming more advanced and more efficient. The newer engines have tighter tolerances for imperfections like dust, rust, and other corrosive materials. This is why tank maintenance combined with using Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel is so important. Keeping your fuel and fuel tanks clean allows all your equipment to run at peak efficiency and performance. This makes for a faster, timelier planting season with fewer headaches. We have a reputable, local company that cleans tanks for us at a very reasonable price. If you have any questions about the importance of tank cleaning or using Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel, give me or Brian a call. Have a safe and speedy spring planting season! 


Tim Salberg
CES/ Energy Sales

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