Spam Notice: Malicious Emails Not From Full Circle Ag

Sep 22, 2020

A data security incident has occurred with a patron that we conduct business with.  The breach gave the attacker access to the patron’s email contact lists, which contained correspondence to and from many of our staff at Full Circle Ag.  The infiltrators are using this list to “spoof” many of our and other businesses email addresses.  This means they are sending out Malicious emails that appear to be coming from an email associated to Full Circle Ag or other business you may know; however, they are not coming from our organization.  The attacker was able to see and harvest all the email addresses included in any marketing emails, general correspondence and from saved contacts on this patron’s computer.

The only action plan we can take is to make you aware of this and encourage you to be extra diligent opening any emails that contain any links and/or attachments.  Never click on an email link or attachment unless you have fully examined the email.  You want to look for things like mis spelled words, don’t just look at the name of who the email is from and also checked the reply to email address.  Many times, the name appears to be coming from someone you know; however, the email address is something completely different.  This is only sometimes the case.   Sometimes you must rely on a gut feeling that it doesn't seem right, that this email or app should not be requesting you to open or enter information or you never requested any information, just go ahead and delete the message. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our IT department at 605.228.3249 or 

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