Say Goodbye to the Old Way of Ordering Fuel

Oct 07, 2020

Harvest has arrived. Mother nature seems to finally want to cooperate as we are having beautiful weather for harvest. This means many different things to everyone trying to harvest and those of us at FCA supporting you. To you, the producer, getting crop from field to storage is obviously the focus of the next month to six weeks with no holdups or costly breakdowns. This leads me to my next subject: your rolling stock. With the cost of today’s equipment and the potential repair cost, you need to take every available precaution to prevent or minimize downtime and repair cost. This is where the Full Circle Ag Energy Department comes in. As a branded CHS dealer, we provide the highest quality CHS grease, oil, and diesel fuel. And do not forget the Cenex Total Protection Plan (TPP).  You cannot buy better protection for the cost.
CHS Field Master and Road Master have a seven-part additive package which is blended with the fuel as it is loaded, not splash-blended after the fact. FM and RM are by far the best diesel products on the market with proven studies to back this up.

Let us discuss diesel, and more importantly, the AFD program. We offer the Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) system to get fuel delivered to your tanks and have a ready supply for when crunch time hits. We, at Full Circle Ag, have hundreds of customers on AFD. We put a monitor in your tank and CHS uses this monitor to schedule deliveries to your tank so you always have an available supply. The monitors read overnight and send the info to CHS, who then schedules a delivery. It is basically a “keep-full” program for your diesel so you no longer need to monitor your tank on your own and remember to call in to order.

It is important to note that since the monitors read overnight, it is best if you can fill your equipment before shutting down at night. If you fill in the morning, the monitor does not read again until the following night. Filling your equipment at night allows the AFD system to be more responsive to your usage.

AFD also offers an online system where you can check your tank levels and monitor fuel use and deliveries online at a secure website.

With colder temperatures upon us, be sure to let us know if you'd like your tank blended or on hold. 

If you have any questions on these products please give us a call!

Brian Beck
Energy Department Manager


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