Putting it All Together

Mar 13, 2019

You can either break the bank buying seed that does not live up to it’s potential, or you can use precision planting and data to remove the guess work for your operation. Making the right decisions during post-harvest and pre-planting can help ensure you are optimizing every acre. These decisions do not come lightly and may require trusted resources to bring in actionable data-driven insights. At Full Circle Ag, we provide you with access to predictive insights based on high quality local data regarding various brands and hybrid varieties for corn and soybeans.

By taking advantage of past years’ data, you can achieve your overall potential Return on Investment (ROI) on your seed decisions. Seconds after the seed touches the soil, field management decisions will be key to obtaining your yield goals. Full Circle Ag offers you data driven decisions from the R7 Tool:

  • Seed Characterization Charts (CHT)

  • Response-To Scores

The CHT Chart will allow you to determine if your hybrid will preform on your field by looking at its growing potential by yield environment and soil type. Taking the time to look at your hybrid’s scores can allow you to place your seed to maximize your yield, increasing your ROI. To read more about the economic benefits of looking at CHT data, click here.

Each year, nearly 90 potential bushels per acre are at stake:

Getting the data for your hybrid can help you improve your planting and application planning for the 2019. If you are planning to apply nitrogen to your field, looking at your hybrid’s RTN (Response to Nitrogen) will give you the confidence in your management practice before in-season hits.

RTN Example:


RTP (Response to Population) scores can pair well with your nitrogen management, or when used alone, it can have a large impact on your ROI. In a real-world situation, looking at your population rates can put money back into your hands.

RTP Example:

Overall, using the data driven Decision Ag tools at Full Circle Ag with your current seed selection will give you confidence finalizing your field planning for 2019. Take the time to sit down with your Trusted Advisor(s) at Full Circle Ag to discuss your hybrid(s) in detail. Let the data show you the money you can make bringing it all together.


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