Producer of the Month - Remund Brothers

Jan 08, 2019

Producer of the Month - January 2019

Remund Brothers

“There’s work and there’s worry and the work is easy.” 5th generation farmers, John and James Remund, are enjoying their short break between the busy seasons. Between calving, planting, and harvest, there is hardly ever a dull moment for the Remund Brothers and their farm operation. However; when the work is the easy part, it doesn’t seem so much like a job.

In terms of the 2018 growing season, the Remund Brothers were happy with the way it turned out. “We had a wonderful year. We’ve had 3 good years in a row as far as yields go. You’d never think you could break last year, but then you do it again!” Although the weather wasn’t exactly 100% always in every grower’s favor, high yields in 2018 were a common trend.

James and John’s advice to young producers who are looking to get into the farming industry – “Pay attention in your marketing classes. Marketing is the hardest part. You never think you’re doing it right.” Between the brothers, they have over 40 years of farming experience and they both agree that marketing is the most difficult part of farming. Again, “The work is the easiest part.”

Not only does farming keep them busy, but both John and James are very involved within the Wilmot community. James is in his 12th year of coaching the Wilmot Girls Basketball team. John is currently on his 9th year on the Wilmot school board. Along with the school board, John is on his 4th term on the church board. The township board was also fortunate to have John serve for 6 years as well. Between their families, community involvement, and farming, I’d say the Remunds don’t have much down time no matter what season it is.

A huge thank you to John and James Remund for taking the time to visit with us and for being our January Producer of the Month! We hope the rest of your winter goes smoothly and look forward to working with you for the 2019 growing season. Go Wolves!

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