Plan Ahead. Take Control.

Sep 10, 2019

According to the USDA, there is a total of 4,695,217 acres that were lost to prevent plant in North and South Dakota for the 2019 growing season. This season’s atypical weather has left many acres subject to above average weed pressure. Before harvest comes knocking on our door, taking back control of prevent plant acres can give you a leg-up for next spring.

When dealing with prevent plant and post-harvest acres, winter annuals are the common targets for a fall application. Winter annuals, like marestail and kochia, emerge in the fall and will become a bigger problem in the spring if not controlled now. With another wet spring expected next year, having a fall burn down with a residual herbicide in your field management plan will make spring-emerged marestail and kochia easier to control for 2020. Fall applications allow for a longer window for spring pre-herbicide applications.

Just like seed selection has become a field-by-field management decision, residual herbicide selection is also a very important management decision. Rotation and efficacy are key factors in this decision.  Picking herbicides like Dimetric® Charged, Valor®, and Authority® brands is the first step towards your field’s management. Pairing the herbicide of your choice with another broad leaf herbicide (2,4-D, Dicamba, or Gramoxone) with a glyphosate will give you the best defense against fall emerged weeds that are present in your field. Adding an adjuvant, like Exuro®, will allow for a proper burn down application on your tougher fields.

When planning for 2020, be sure to know the crop rotation flexibility of the residual product you plan to use this fall. Not all products are the same.

2020 Crop Flexibility with 2019 Herbicide Application

Dimetric® Charged











We all want to put 2019 behind us, but let’s make sure we start 2020 off with our best foot forward. If Mother Nature allows applications on your unplanted acres, make sure to have a plan in place.  

We, at Full Circle Ag, wish you a safe and productive harvest season.

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