Perks of Using Ascend Pro

Apr 20, 2021

In a year where we find ourselves excited to farm and not stress about preventive plant acres and low commodity prices, what can we do to maximize yield without adding more stress on our minds and pocketbooks?

We know the longer corn is in the ground without emerging, this results in lower yield potential, so we want to do everything we can to help our corn germinate and emerge as quickly as possible.

The first thing we can do is put down liquid fertilizer, including phosphorus and zinc, with our planters. This is a nice way to spoon-feed that corn plant right off the bat and get it heading in the right direction. But there is another key step to further our plants' success: Ascend Pro. This product has been as close to a sure thing as you can get when improving early season plant health. Ascend Pro has been proven year after year to increase plant root development and early season vigor. Ascend Pro is a Plant Growth Regulator that acts as a steroid, boosting root development and seedling emergence. Nobody wants to plant their corn and watch it sit in the ground for four to five weeks.

Now the part you have been waiting for: yield advantage. Ascend Pro averages a 5.85 bushel per acre advantage when used in-furrow on corn. This yield bump proves your investment is worth it. Ascend Pro is exactly what you need in any weather condition be it cool, wet, hot, or dry, this product will give your plant what it needs to take off and start the year on the right foot. When using Ascend Pro with your starter program of phosphorus and zinc, we find a synergistic response between all three inputs!

Don’t forget – your purchase of Ascend is one more point in our Acres to Insights program for 2021.
For any questions on Ascend Pro or Acres to Insights, call your local Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor today!

Brady Wieker
Sales Agronomist
Pierpont, SD
Our mission is to be our customer’s first choice for industry-leading resources and knowledge.

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