Next Year Starts Today

Nov 13, 2019

Hey! Stop looking at your yield monitor for a minute!

Your yield monitor holds key takeaways from 2019 to help make 2020 field decisions. While harvest has been off to a slow start due to a wet and stress-induced season, there is still a wealth of information coming from your combine that will provide insights for next season’s decisions.

Here are a few observations to look for in your yield data to get the most from this year’s harvest:


Know Your Yield Zones

Identifying your highest and lowest producing areas of your field can help you plan for next year’s seed hybrid placement, population rate, and fertility. Looking at your zones will help you optimize your yield potential for both the high and low producing zones.

Check Your Adopted Practices

If you implemented new practices or conducted an on-farm trial to determine what is worth investing in for your operation, now is the time to check your results. By analyzing your results from these practices, like a new fertility plan or application, you can determine whether they are worth the investment based on your yield.

Consider Contributing Factors

Pay attention to possible outside factors affecting your yield this harvest. With this season being cool and wet, you might be noticing some disease pressure. Mark these spots in your field’s imagery tool (R7, Climate, or MyJohnDeere) and put together a defensive plan for the future, such as applying a fungicide.

With these takeaways in mind, take the time to analyze this year's data verses previous years' data. When deciding your seed order for 2020 using 2019 data, consider Response-To Scores, like Response to Nitrogen, Response to Population, and Response to Fungicide. By knowing your offensive and defensive hybrid’s Response-To Scores, you can get the maximum effect of your applications and placement.

It is important to capture accurate yield data, but it is also important to capture its full value and understand why you received the yield results you did. Make sure to use the information from your yield monitor to improve for the next growing season.

Check with your local Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor to go through your 2020 seed placement plan based on 2019 yield data.

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