New Car Wash: FAQ

Feb 14, 2020

As we approach the beginning steps of our new car wash, we wanted to answer a few questions surrounding the process. 

  1. When will the project begin & finish?

    A: The new carwash system and doors have been ordered. As soon as the items begin to arrive, takedown and replacement will start and will be ongoing. The entire process is estimated to be done by the beginning of April.

  2. Can customers still use their punch cards?

    A: We will honor the punch cards. However, the first month of use will be testing and evaluation to assure flawless operation.

  3. Is it a self or automatic?

    A: Automatic.

  4. Will it be touchless?

    A: Yes.

  5. Will it be a new building or just new inside?

    A: The new car wash will have a completely new interior. It will be at the same location and in the same building.

  6. Can customers use debit/credit/cash at the carwash directly?

    A: Debit and credit cards will be accepted at the car wash directly. Customers can also buy codes directly at the car wash or inside the c-store. Cash will not be an option at the car wash itself; however, cash is accepted in the c-store for purchase of a code.

  7. Can customers purchase a car wash at the pump when getting fuel?

    A: This is a possible option for the near future. We will be installing new electronics in our pumps to be able to take credit cards with microchips. As soon as this is done, the option to purchase a car wash at the fuel pumps will be looked into.

  8. Will the cost change?

    A: The cost of an upgraded car wash system will necessitate a price increase. We are currently working on car wash packages available for purchase. Keep checking back for more information on those as the finish date approaches.

The new carwash will be a new experience for us as well as you, the customer. The first month will be a learning experience. Thank you in advance for being patient with all of us at Full Circle Ag as we work through this process.

If you have any further questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

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