National Ag Day: Why Celebrate?

Mar 23, 2021

Without the agriculture industry, where would we be?

What would we eat? What would we wear? What would we do?

Too few people truly understand agriculture's contribution to our daily lives. Agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use, and wear on a daily basis. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, each American farm feeds 166 people. This number used to be 25 back in the 1960s.

When you celebrate a holiday, is there any part of that holiday that does not include food? Many Americans enjoy celebrating holidays with food, spending a total of nearly $14 billion each year just in the United States alone. Where would that food come from without farmers and ranchers?

Farmers are the backbone of America. They are the ones who work in the blistering heat and bitter cold to put food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and provide jobs for millions of Americans. They awaken before most others even think of getting out of bed in order to check on livestock or crops and they stay up late to do the same. They battle unpredictable weather and markets, where in a matter of minutes, their livelihood can be tested.

Although the agriculture industry deserves to be celebrated every day, we are especially thankful today: National Ag Day. Today is a day to recognize and celebrate the abundance of life and opportunity that the agriculture industry provides us all. Whether you are directly involved in the agriculture industry or not, you are affected by it. Join us in celebrating National Ag Day by simply thanking a farmer for feeding the world.

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Kelli Erickson
Marketing Director/Producer Financing

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