Meet the Team: Lynda Luttrell

Feb 09, 2021

Meet: Lynda Luttrell, Britton C-Store Manager

If you are looking for someone to put a smile on your face, just stop in our c-store in Britton and have a visit with Lynda. Lynda does everything she can to make sure the c-store runs smoothly every day. You might find her working at the counter, ordering products, checking on the car wash, or filling propane tanks. She is not afraid of hard work and always makes sure to get the job done; and done right.

Lynda has been with Full Circle Ag for 2 years. She wears a lot of hats not only at work, but in her everyday life as well. She is a substitute school bus driver, owns Glacial Lakes Equipment, serves as a Marshall County Commissioner and is also on the Marshall County Food Pantry board. Lynda is from the Hecla area and went to Hecla Public School.

Brian Beck, Energy Department Manager, states: “Who is the first face you see when you walk into the c-store in the morning? And sometimes the last one you see at night? Lynda. Whenever you see her, she always has a smile or a witty comment. Lynda will help anyone that needs a helping hand. She is always willing to try something new and more than willing to help a customer in need. The next time you stop in, be sure to give her a “Hey how’s it going?”

“By owning my own business and being a County Commissioner, I feel that I can provide the know-how on running the c-store. The year that 2020 brought us was a struggle in areas and I am hoping 2021 will see changes in the c-store.”

In her spare time, Lynda enjoys camping, golfing, fishing, and hunting.


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