Important Scheduled Update

Nov 15, 2021

As in most technology, there are always times throughout the year, whether it be annually, monthly, weekly, etc. that products need to be updated or maintained.

That being said, our WinField United Ag Tech Tools here at Full Circle Ag will be going through a maintenance period starting on November 18. This will impact the R7® Tool, R7 Field Forecasting Tool, Answer Tech Data Silo®, Seller Mobile App, Grower Mobile App and NutriSolutions®. These applications will be unavailable starting the evening of November 18 through the evening of November 24.

The entire NutriSolutions® platform (both mobile app and web) will be unavailable to all users starting November 18 through mid-December.

Our Full Circle Ag Grower Mobile App will still be available during the maintenance period, but with limited functionality. The “Agronomy” module in the grower mobile app consisting of data and insights from our Ag Tech Tools will be unavailable during this maintenance period.

R7® Tool and R7® Field Forecasting Tool users may notice minor user interface updates within the R7® Tool as it relates to selecting a farmer/farm/field and field-management. Users are no longer required to manually configure the data silo connection at the farmer-level for both the R7® Tool and R7® Field Forecasting Tool as this is now handled automatically by the system for all farmers and their fields.

The Answer Tech Data Silo platform will have an updated user interface focused on managing the configuration settings for external tools and partners. All John Deere connections at the retailer-level and farmer-level within data silo will need to be re-established following a new process after the system-wide maintenance is complete on November 24.

If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to your local Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor, Casey Erickson, Mike Muth, or email

Casey Erickson
Location Manager/Sales Agronomist

Our mission is to be our customer's first choice for industry-leading resources and knowledge. 

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