How We Keep it Local

Oct 02, 2019

Fall is the busiest time of year for most of our trade territory. Farmers have either begun, or are gearing up, for harvest. Here at Full Circle Ag, we are also getting ready to recognize a special occasion in October: Co-op Month.

For over 50 years, Co-op Month has been celebrated across the country. According to the Cooperative Network, there are more than 40,000 cooperative businesses in the United States with 350 million members.  Now that’s something to celebrate!

This year’s theme is “Co-ops: By the Community, For the Community.” There are many ways our local co-ops are contributing to our communities, but Full Circle Ag isn’t your average co-op. Our Keeping it Local initiative is to support our local communities as much as possible in order to help us all thrive. Our commitment to our communities is not only something that our business stands for, but it is something that our employees are equally passionate about. Just as cooperatives do not operate in isolation from their community, they are integrated into society; the same rings true for our employees.

Let’s take a look at the facts.
21% of our employees are volunteer firefighters for their local communities. This means that 21% of our employees put their lives at risk in order to help and/or save the lives of others at any given moment…. voluntarily. Matt Nelson, who is a part of both the Langford Fire Department and the Pierpont Fire Department, answers the question most of us pose: Why? “One of the best reasons to be a firefighter is to save lives. There is nothing more rewarding than helping other people – especially when it comes to saving their lives.” The amount of sacrifice a firefighter must be willing to make is incredibly honorable, and we, at Full Circle Ag, are proud to have such selfless individuals on our team.

15% of our employees are involved in youth sports. Although it might not seem like an earth-shattering statistic, but if those employees were not there to support athletics for our youth, who would? Casey Erickson, head boys’ basketball coach for the Britton-Hecla Braves comments, “Watching the kids excel year after year is an incredible thing to witness. It’s not just about basketball. It’s about teaching them to be respectable young adults and how to work with others. My employer being completely on board with my busy coaching schedule sealed the deal for me. Knowing that I have the company’s full support makes coaching possible.”

Not only are we committed to our communities as a cooperative, but our employees are equally committed as well. With this year’s theme of “By the Community, For the Community,” we not only celebrate Co-op Month, but our Keeping it Local initiative as well. October isn’t the only month we celebrate our communities – it’s every month.

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