Give Your Calves the Boost They Need

Aug 26, 2020

What is RX3™ Immune Support Technology?

RX3™ Immune Support Technology is a precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and plant extracts to help aid calves in the fight against respiratory challenges. RX3™ Immune Support Technology is:

  • Included in Purina Accuration Starter Complete Feed, Precon Complete Feed, and Stress Care Supplement Feed.

  • Not a medication; non-medicated options will not require a VFD (Purina starter feeds with RX3™ Immune Support Technology will still include medicated options).

  • ?A complement to a well-designed herd health program


How It Works
RX3™ Immune Support Technology primes the immune system to support overall calf health, reduce costs and set calves up for a healthy future. When compared to the control group, calves fed Purina starters with RX3™ Immune Support Technology can:

  1. Recognize Disease Sooner. Immune system is primed and ready to recognize pathogens

  2. Respond Appropriately. Immune system elicits response to eliminate pathogens.

  3. Return to Optimal Health. Supports a faster recovery and calves look healthier quicker.

Set your calves up for a healthy start.

To get started with your weaned calf solution, give us a call today!

McKenzie Smith
Purina Animal Nutrition

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