Fuel for Thought - January 25, 2019

Jan 25, 2019

Winter Is In Full Swing Across The Country. Over The Last Week Or So, We’ve Had About 12” Of Snow In The Britton Area And The Frigid Weather Is Ready To Set In. I Think It's Time For An 'I Hate Winter Party!'

The markets have eased up some this week. A couple reasons for this may be because investors are concerned about the easing up of the world economy, particularly in China. The recent elections in Venezuela are a recent hot topic also. One other item that has popped up on the radar is the issue of “too far too fast." 

Here is what my FC Stone marketer, John Wenzel, had to say:

"Chartists taking a look at WTI futures advance say that we have went too far too fast and are ready for a retest of the recent low or at least a “Fibonacci” retracement. A “Fibonacci” retracement is a pullback of 61.8%, or to about $47, crude oil. To the extent that market participants expect this, often this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy despite fundamentals occurring in the marketplace."

Will this happen? We are heading into the time of the year when diesel is historically at its low for the year, although we have already seen an 18 month low at the end of December. Time will tell.

We are in the heart of heating season. With that being said it is very busy for the guys hauling diesel and LP. Please check your tanks if you are not on a KF program and allow us a 3-4 day lead time to make deliveries. Also please make sure roads, driveways, yards, and a path to your tanks are cleaned so we can access them. This is a safety issue for our delivery drivers that we at FCA take very seriously. If we cannot get to your tank and have to make a return trip this just increases the cost of delivery and the product which is in turn passed on to you the customer. 

Thanks for your patronage and think spring!!

Brian Beck

Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

Britton Area


Aberdeen/Groton Area


Doland Area


Forman/Gwinner Area


**Please call for exact pricing as prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.


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