FCA Employees Partake in Grain Entrapment Training

Aug 28, 2018

The Forman Fire Department hosted a grain entrapment training session for some of our employees in the grain division.

The training was divided into two separate sections. They first started with classroom training where they learned the ins and outs of grain suffocation hazards and what to do in specific circumstances. The second section was a hands-on training demonstration for the employees. Some of the trainees were willing to put harnesses on and go through the motions of the 'what if' scenarios in order to learn how to handle those situations. 

Betty Maly, Forman office manager, did not take the training lightly. "I learned some things that I didn't know, even with having worked in the grain division for over 25 years. The Forman Fire Department put this training on and it was awesome that they included us. Everyone that was there and participated benefited from it." 

Janelle Beaver, Forman employee, thought very highly of the training as well. "Being a member of the safety committee, I feel this was very important and beneficial for our employees that work in the grain division. We have a few employees that have never seen anything like this before and were willing to harness up and get right in there to help learn whatever needed to be done. For any local farmer that has grain bins on their farm, this would be a great refresher course on safety."

Not only is safety a top priority for Full Circle Ag, but continuing education is at the top of the list as well. Constantly educating our employees on the importance of safety is something that is imperative in order to succeed; especially in an industry that comes with safety hazards. We are extremely thankful to the Forman Fire Department for hosting this training, including our employees, and giving us incredible knowledge on grain bin safety.


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