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Jun 28, 2021

Water conditioners such as Class Act NG and Class Act Ridion and surfactants like Destiny HC and Superb HC to name a few, are often overlooked but can be extremely important for an herbicide to be effective.

Normally, chemicals that need water conditioners are referred to as a weak-acid herbicide.  This means they have a negative charge that grabs onto calcium, magnesium, or iron in the water and deactivates or ties up the chemical from working to its full potential.  When a water conditioner is included, it occupies that negative charge and prevents this from happening.  Glyphosate is the most well-known weak-acid herbicide, but people often do not realize that 2,4-D, dicamba, glufosinate as well as many other chemicals, are also weak-acid herbicides and can be more effective if applied with water conditioners.
Surfactants are also an important tank-mix addition because they help keep the herbicide droplet wet longer and spread the droplet out on the leaf surface. Both actions increase penetration and absorption of the herbicide by the plant.

There are many adjuvant options that may better fit your situation, so visit with your local Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor today about the correct herbicide and adjuvant combination for your fields.

Casey Erickson
Ag Tech Lead/Agronomy Sales

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