Cut to the Chase: Improve Your ROI

Oct 26, 2021

What if there was a way to compare Croplan seed products, as well as seed products from other major companies, to see how they are projected to perform on fields just like your own?

As a matter of fact, there is. The CHT Tool helps you sort through the top genetic suppliers and the top performing hybrids to choose the hybrid that best supports the conditions on your farm and your yield goals.

You can compare categories like soil type, crop rotation activity, response-to-population, and management practices. This categorization allows you to control, as well as capitalize on, variability between fields. The CHT Tool also features response-to-fungicide and response-to-nitrogen scores so you can determine whether a hybrid will respond (or not respond) to an in-season fungicide or nitrogen application. Keeping your bottom dollar in mind, the CHT Tool lets you know when such applications make good economic sense.

Talk to one of your local Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisors today about how you can get your hands on the CHT Tool to help select the right hybrid for you and your fields.

Casey Erickson
Sales Agronomist

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