Coronavirus Action Plan

Mar 26, 2020

Full Circle Ag Member Owners: 
The coronavirus epidemic continues to spread across the Midwest and has hit surrounding communities.  The health of our employees, families, members, and communities is a top priority during this difficult time.  Full Circle Ag has taken a proactive approach to help limit the spread of this disease while looking to provide the highest level of service to you our member owner.  Our business received the classification as a Critical Infrastructure Designation by the federal government.  This will allow FCA to conduct “business as usual” no matter what travel limitations local and state government agencies put in place. 
FCA has been working diligently to adjust our business policies to keep up with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirements and help limit the spread of this virus in the communities we serve.  This letter includes customer interaction policies that your cooperative currently has in place to protect our members, employees, families, and communities from this pandemic.  We apologize for any inconvenience that these policies may cause in serving you. 

FCA Location Covid-19 Policies

  1. Doors at all FCA locations will be locked until the epidemic subsides in our local communities. 

  2. Customers are urged to make appointments with our staff prior to arriving at one of our locations.

  3. Phone numbers of the office, location manager, and sales staff will be posted on entry doors for all customers to call to conduct business needs.

  4. Staff will be required to ask the following three questions of our customer’s prior to allowing entry into an FCA facility.  Customers who answer “no” to all three questions and have an appointment will be allowed to enter the location.


  1. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms that have recently developed:  fever, chills, dry cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath?

  2. Have you had personal contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infected individual in the past 14 days?

  3. Do you live in, or in the past 14 days have you been to, any country or area with a level 3 or level 2 alert from the CDC, or that is otherwise highly impacted by COVID-19?


FCA Customer Engagement Covid-19 Policies


  1. It is recommended that staff conduct business via phone, text, and email with our customer owners.

  2. Prior to conducting farm visits or other customer engagements, FCA staff members must make an appointment and ensure that the customer and family members are in good health and approve of the FCA employee’s arrival.

  3. For all customer deliveries employees must follow the following guidelines.

    1. Call ahead to make sure customer approves shipment of products when help is needed.

    2. Practice social distancing while visiting the customer’s location.

  4. Grain Handling

    1. All customers are asked to stay in their trucks at all times during the delivery process.

    2. If a location does not have automated ticket transfer capabilities, an outside drop box will be provided to conduct the transition of the weigh ticket.

    3. All grain checks will be issued via mail or delivered directly to the requested financial institution on the grower’s behalf.

  5. Practice social distancing during all customer engagements.

Consult your local location manager, Ehren Grupe, or myself at 605-448-2231 with any questions or concerns you may have with these policies.  As the Spring season approaches, we are taking a proactive approach to serving you at the highest level.  We have in place several internal policies that are focused on preventing the spread of this disease in our workforce.  We are also building an employee absence plan in the case any of our employees are affected by the illness.
Please understand that we are all in a scenario that we have never experienced.  There will be new opportunities and challenges as we navigate through this challenging time.  Your FCA team looks forward to continuing to service your needs and exceed your expectations as we enter the Spring planting season.  Thank you for understanding and patience as we work together to get your next bountiful crop in ground. We will continue to update you with any changes in our policies via our website at, social media, texting, and employee direct communications.  I wish you and your family best wishes in your health and safety.
Jeff Thaler
Full Circle AG

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