CEO, Dave Andresen, Retires

Aug 26, 2019

For my part of this month's update, I will be brief.

August 31, 2019 will be my last day of being a part of the Full Circle Ag team. Over a year ago, I informed the board of directors of my intentions to retire in August of 2019. My career with Full Circle Ag started on October 9, 1995. At that time, the company name was Farmers Union Association of Marshall County. Several years later, after a couple of mergers, we changed our name to 4 Seasons Cooperative. 8 years ago, after another merger, we changed our name to Full Circle Ag.

When I leave my position, I will have been employed at this cooperative for just shy of 24 years. In all honesty, I never expected to stay in one place this many years. However, due to the mergers, the board of directors, the employees, and because of you, the customers, all the years were exciting and enjoyable. The years flew by. I want to thank everyone that I had the opportunity to work with, directly or indirectly, and for this experience. It truly has been an enjoyable time and experience.

Jeff Thaler will take over my duties beginning on September 1, 2019. I have known Jeff for several years and I have the upmost confidence in his abilities to lead your cooperative to the next level. I hope all of you will give Jeff the same support that you gave me.

Until next time. 


Dave Andresen

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