Are You Worried About Fallow Syndrome?

Apr 06, 2020

2019 is a year to forget, but we will probably be reminded of what kind of year it was throughout 2020.  Prevent plant acres were numerous last year, and for growers who want to plant corn into those acres for 2020, there are some things to think about to prevent fallow corn syndrome. 

Fallow corn is the lack of nutrient uptake (P, K, Zn and other micronutrients) due to the loss of beneficial mycorrhizal fungus, which lost its habitat of living plant roots.  Weeds and broadleaf cover crops do not support a great environment for mycorrhizal fungi to flourish, but grass crops like rye, sorghum, millet and corn do.  Corn with fallow corn syndrome can be yellow, stunted, and looks like it has a purple phosphorus deficiency symptoms.  Yields can be reduced by 15% or more from the lack of early season nutrient uptake. 

Many things can be done to help prevent fallow corn syndrome, but there are no curative treatments that have been very successful.  

Here are three tips to help prevent fallow corn syndrome in 2020:

  1. Use a starter fertilizer.  Phosphorus in furrow has been one of the best treatments to prevent fallow corn syndrome.

  2. Use Ascend Pro and Zinc with your starter fertilizer.  Ascend Pro is a combination of three plant growth regulators that promotes faster germination, root development, and stem and leaf growth.  Zinc helps promote early season root development and growth.

  3. Inoculate your soil with mycorrhizal fungus.  Products like New Life Bioscience’s PreStryke and Valent’s Myco Apply EndoPrime can help introduce more mycorrhizal fungi to your soil.  Read and follow the label to get the best benefits from these products.   

For more information on how to prevent fallow corn syndrome in 2020, be sure to reach out to your Full Circle Ag Trusted Advisor for more information.

We look forward to working with you for the 2020 crop year!

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