Am I Making the Right Decision?

Apr 16, 2019

Let's Talk Ruby Fieldmaster

?Spring planting is getting near. I’m sure everyone has been working on tillage and planting equipment getting it ready for the long hours ahead. I’m also sure that the tractors that lead the equipment through the field have been maintained also. I’m also sure that the vast majority of you use Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster diesel fuel. My question is, have you ever sat back and wondered if that is the right decision?

Let me reassure you that it is.
Here’s why:

Injection Stabilizers
Ruby Fieldmaster is a true premium diesel. It has a seven point additive package that is injected at the terminal while loading. Other “premium” diesels may have one or two of the seven and are “splash” blended in the top of the tank after loading. Listed are the seven additives:

  • Injection Stabilizer

  • Detergents

  • Cetane Improver

  • Lubricity Improver

  • Demulsifiers

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Storage Stabilizers

??Balanced Additives
Today's Tier IV diesel engines use the High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system which run much hotter with much higher pressure and tolerances, and return much more fuel than engines prior to 2007.

Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel optimize performance with a complete, high-quality, balanced additive package, that:

  • Improves fuel economy by as much as 5%

  • Increases fuel lubricity by 10-15%

  • Improves power by up to 4.5%

Prevents Deposits
Internal diesel injector components within HPCR engines are much smaller, lighter, and more intricate than direct inject diesel engines manufactured prior to 2007. With injection that occurs multiple times per combustion cycle at engine pressures up to 35,000 PSI, even the smallest deposit can cause issues within the tight tolerances of the injector (typically 1 to 3 microns). 

Nozzle coking deposits occur in the injector nozzle tip. These orifices spray microscopic fuel droplets into the combustion chamber and, because they are so finite, they can become clogged by even the smallest amount of deposits. These deposits may only be a stain or varnish; however, they can lead to power deficiencies and decreased fuel efficiency.

Internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) are of critical concern with high-pressure injection engine technologies. Unlike conventional deposits, IDID form deep inside the high-precision injectors, causing havoc due to tight tolerances. These deposits can appear suddenly inside the injector and can significantly reduce power, fuel economy, and in some cases can result in injector failure.

Laboratory and field tests confirm the upgraded injection stabilizer in Cenex premium diesel fuels successfully removes and prevents IDID, including carbonaceous, soap/metal carboxylates and lacquer type deposits, as well as a dramatic reduction in fuel filter plugging while maximizing power in today’s high tech engines. Something typical #2 diesel fuel does not contain.

This explains part of the additive package, but what about the rest?

Cetane Improver:  Cetane is a measure of diesel engine startability. The higher the cetane number, the quicker the fuel will ignite. Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel has a typical cetane number of 47-49 vs a lower 40’s for typical #2 diesel.

Lubricity Improver:  Friction-reducing agents provide 10-15% better protection against friction and wear on the fuel pump than typical #2 diesel fuel.

Corrosion Inhibitors:  Provides superior corrosion protection, preventing the formation of rust on metal parts.

Storage Stabilizers:  Reduces gum and varnish buildup and contains components to extend the storage life of diesel fuel.

Demulsifiers:  Demulsifiers force water to the bottom of the tank, allowing for easy drainage and removal. This prevents unwanted moisture from being carried through the fuel system and reduces the volume of water entering the combustion chamber. A quick visual test of this is to take a quart jar and fill it half full of Ruby Fieldmaster, then put a couple of cups of water in it and shake it up to mix it. Upon setting it down the water will immediately settle to the bottom.

Cenex leads the industry in premium diesel fuel, with a proprietary blend that maximizes performance and fuel efficiency, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, extends injector and injector pump life, and provides quicker, smoother starts.

Avoiding costly downtime and expensive repairs during spring and fall is one of your (and our) goals and using Ruby Fieldmaster can help achieve that goal.

Hopefully this information affirms your choice in choosing to use Ruby Fieldmaster Premium diesel. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

Information Courtesy Of:

Brian Beck
Energy Department Manager/Safety Coordinator

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