A Stronger Defense is a Better Offense

Sep 12, 2019

Bovine Respiratory Disease costs the beef industry $1 billion every year. BRD is an upper and lower respiratory disease that includes common respiratory illnesses like shipping fever and pneumonia. During weaning, calves are hit with a plethora of stressors: processing, environment, diet changes and transportation. These stressors affect calves’ immune systems and lowers their ability to fight back against diseases. Therefore, Purina introduced a new product: RX3 Immune Support Technology! The 3 R’s Recognize, Respond and Return to health, gives calves the boost they need, and sets calves up for a healthy start.

RX3 helps calves aid in fighting against respiratory challenges, using a precise combination of prebiotics, probiotics and plant extracts. Its non-medicated; therefore, a VFD is not required, although it will still be available with medicated products based on the producer’s preferences. RX3 will be available in all starting programs including Accuration, Precon, and the Stress Care lines. Research shows that calves fed RX3 have less of an average daily gain variation and, within a 30-day period, gained an average of 6 pounds more than the control group. 

The way it works: RX3 primes the calves' immune system to support overall calf health, which in turn reduces costs and sets calves up for a healthy start. It allows calves to Recognize disease sooner, using an immune system that is primed and can recognize pathogens. Calves are then able to Respond by using a healthy immune system to eliminate pathogens and Return to health with faster recovery and healthier looking calves.

Be sure to reach out to McKenzie Smith for more information on how to keep your calves healthy during weaning.

McKenzie Smith
Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
Livestock Production Specialist


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