A Small Investment Makes a Big Difference

Oct 04, 2018

“For us it was a no-brainer.” Chad Jurgens of Prairie Hill Farms has been extremely pleased with the results of his $199 investment in the Cenex Total Protection Plan purchased from Myron Lefor at Full Circle Ag. The initial cost of the warranty program was $399, but Cenex provided $200 in coupons upon enrollment. The warranty comes with a stipulation that only Cenex fuel and oil be used in the equipment and requires an oil sample to be taken annually. Cenex uses the program as an incentive to keep patrons using its products. The required annual testing is a preventative measure and often indicates if there is a problem; leading to a solution before the problem arises.  

Chad took their Case IH Quadtrac in for an inspection and when the mechanics took the valve cover off, they discovered a damaged camshaft. The dealership repaired the equipment and Prairie Hills paid for the parts and labor. In turn, Chad provided a copy of the invoice to Myron who then submitted a claim to Cenex. Cenex paid the full amount directly to Prairie Hill Farms. “I barely had the bill paid and I had already gotten a call that my check was ready!” Chad has been very pleased with the results of their investment.

For Chad and the rest of the crew at Prairie Hill Farms, it’s all about the service. “We could easily go with the cheapest oil and fuel but when we need something, Myron is there. When we call him, he’s always willing to help us and we know we can rely on him.” Beyond the warranty coverage itself, there are important factors to consider when choosing a warranty program. When you find an opportunity to receive customer service alongside a comprehensive policy, you’re investing in the best risk management tool for your operation.

The highest warranty total paid through Cenex has been $75,000. The Total Protection Plan covers thousands of pieces of equipment. With no deductible and very detailed fluid sample reports, the insights provided into internal equipment condition is invaluable.

Thank you, Chad and Craig from Prairie Hill Farms, for taking time out of your day during harvest to allow us to come visit with you about the Cenex Total Protection Plan and your thoughts on the program. We wish you a safe and bountiful harvest.

Myron Lefor, Full Circle Ag
Chad Jurgens, Prairie Hill Farms
Craig Bonn, Prairie Hill Farms

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