2021 Employee of the Year

Jan 24, 2022

It is with great pleasure to announce that Lon Remily has been chosen as Full Circle Ag’s 2021 Employee of the Year.

Our Employee of the Year is chosen from the Full Circle Standout recipients from all 4 quarters of the year. The 2021 Full Circle Standout recipients included Tim Sheldon (Hecla), Tory Hoines (Pierpont), Lon Remily (Doland), and Becky Roehr (Britton). Employees are nominated by their co-workers and the winners are selected from a committee within the company.  

Lon works at our Doland location and has been with the company for over 42 years. In recognition of his outstanding performance, dedication, and professionalism at work, he was nominated for our Full Circle Standout program, in which he received in September.

Lon was most recently recognized at our 3rd Annual Acres to Insights banquet in front of a great group of employees and member-owners that participated in our ATI program.
Here are a few things his co-workers had to say about him:

“Lon is the guy you can always depend on. He is the guy who does whatever needs to be done. Lon's commitment to the customer is second to none. He is the guy that does the monthly safety checks without saying anything - it just gets done. His dedication to the company is second to none. He comes to work early and stays late when needed and if he gets a call, he goes in after hours or weekends to help our customers any way he can.”
“Lon has truly seen it all in the co-op world. He consistently prioritizes the needs of our member-owners through his skills as an applicator and the shop work he provides when he is not in the field. He is never afraid to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers. We all can stand to learn a lot from Lon.”
“Lon is a true team player. He is always ready to give you a hand with anything that is needed. His commitment to the customer is second to none.”
We are excited to continue this internal recognition program for years to come and we could not be more excited for Lon Remily to receive this award. He truly has Full Circle Ag and our member-owners’ best interest in mind and has set the standard for future Employee of the Year recipients at a high level.

Thank you, Lon, for everything you do for Full Circle Ag and our member-owners!

Pictured: Tim Hyke, Jackie Hofer, Lon Remily, Delbert Remily, and Wade McGraw

Pictured: Tim Hyke, Wade McGraw, Lon Remily, and Delbert Remily

Pictured: Jeff Thaler and Lon Remily

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