2020 Employee of the Year

Jan 26, 2021

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Full Circle Ag implemented a new, internal recognition platform for our employee team this past year. 

In a year when a pandemic led all news headlines, quarantines were becoming part of our day-to-day business operations, and depression was beginning to hit everyone a little closer to home, our employee of the year stood out above all and continued to raise the bar in her position and for the Cooperative as a whole.

Full Circle Ag’s 2020 Employee of the Year was Kelli Erickson. She has most recently been recognized at our 2nd annual Acres to Insights banquet in front of a great group of employees and member-owners. A few key traits that highlight Kelli’s personality and abilities are: Teamwork, Leadership, Tenacity. If you were to ask any employee throughout Full Circle Ag’s team, chances are likely they have met Kelli, worked with her in some form or fashion, or have had a conversation with her in the main office while passing through. Her main responsibilities for the company pertain to financing, where she is the voice on the other side of the phone line getting our member-owner CFA or Secure financing in place for crop inputs, as well as leading our marketing platform. With the large increase in social media marketing/advertising, Kelli has her plate full daily keeping up with Full Circle Ag’s main social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. She is also the backbone behind our regular email campaigns that get flushed to the countryside along with leading the complete operation of our company website.

Regardless of the task at hand, Kelli always exemplifies the 3 main traits I highlighted earlier. Kelli is not one to accept full credit by herself or be the center of attention at any point, rather she passes on a lot of the credit to a team of individuals that she works with on a regular basis whether it be on a marketing committee, our sales staff helping with relevant information, or our partners that assist anywhere they are needed. Kelli utilizes a lot of different resources available to her within our financing and marketing platforms, but her leadership to make sure everything remains on schedule, and her ability to present everything in the most professional manner is second to none. This gives our member-owners and employee team a sense of appreciation as to how their Cooperative is perceived throughout the industry. Last, but not least, is Kelli’s tenacity to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. She wears a lot of hats within Full Circle Ag, whether it be planning events for our internal employee team and member-owners, forwarding on new information whenever possible, all the way to making sure finances for our customers is accounted for while working with our grower-finance lending institutions.

We are excited to continue with this internal recognition for years to come and we could not be more excited to have our 1st overall Employee of the Year honors go to the hands of Kelli Erickson. She truly has Full Circle Ag and our member-owners best interest in mind and has set the standard for future Employee of the Years at a high level. Thank you, Kelli, for everything you do at Full Circle Ag!

Eric Paulson

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