Who has had a harder last couple of years? You or your soils? 

Sep 15, 2021

Who has had a harder last couple of years? 

You or your soils? 

Between the record unplanted acres of a year ago and the drought conditions of this current growing season, we need to figure out how our soils are doing, especially with the high prices in the fertilizer market. We’re looking at an average to early harvest, which means there should be plenty of time for soil testing.

As you head into harvest, remember to turn in your fields for soil testing immediately after the field is harvested. For best results, samples need to be taken before any tillage is done. Plus, the sooner fields are sampled, the sooner results can be analyzed. 

Keep in mind also that this could be a record year for soil testing in our region, so the labs will be very busy, which is another reason for early sampling. It seems like every soil analysis offers opportunity for smart management decisions. Even if you are not doing fall fertilizer, you’ll want to have this data going into the winter as you plan for 2022. 

Have a safe harvest!

Joe Gustafson
Britton Agronomy Location Manager/Sales

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