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Our Full Circle AG Trusted Advisors are dedicated to their growers, consultants and managers to:

  • optimize inputs
  • maximize yield
  • minimize environmental impact

Using the tools of the Full Circle AG Decision Ag Platform, our primary objective is to reallocate inputs from the underperforming areas of a field to higher potential areas. This will limit the environmental impact by not over applying products in underperforming areas and maximizing the returns from crop inputs.
An exciting new addition to the Decision Ag Platform for 2018 is Winfield United’s Field Forecasting Tool which was voted 2017 new product of the year by AgPro readers. Full Circle Ag was part of the Field Forecasting Tool pilot program and are eager to share it with growers.

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Future-Proof Your Seed Selection

Future-Proof Your Seed Selection

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Consider Seed Treatments Now For Increased Protection at Planting

Consider Seed Treatments Now For Increased Protection at Planting

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Focus on Data Quality, Not Quantity

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Making a Difference With Community Gardens

Making a Difference With Community Gardens

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FCA Decision Ag Platform

R7® Tool
The R7® Tool is a comprehensive precision farming solution that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field information to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions.

R7® Tool Top 10 List
The Top 10 function of the R7® Tool lists the 10 best-performing corn hybrids or soybean varieties for a field based on soil type in a selected location. For example, in corn, it provides information on yield potential, anticipated ear size and root appearance for each hybrid. This function helps agronomists use the R7® Placement Strategy to identify the best genetic choices for each field.

R7® Tool In-Season Imagery
In-season images provided by the R7® Tool capture plant health data that serves as an advance scouting tool. The imagery helps agronomists identify problem areas within a field as the season progresses so they can help farmers take corrective measures before yield potential is jeopardized.
R7® Field Monitoring Tool
The R7® Field Monitoring Tool helps determine trends across your geography by utilizing In Season Imagery with Crop, Field, and Weather information.
**voted 2017 new product of the year by AgPro readers

R7® Field Forecasting Tool
The R7® Field Forecasting Tool is a new web-based crop modeling offering from WinField United that uses field-specific information, as well as data from the Answer Plot® Program and NutriSolutions 360® system, to simulate daily crop growth and development. This enables you to predictively determine optimal timing and rates for nutrient and water applications in-season.

NutriSolutions® 360 by WinField United
NutriSolutions® 360 system combines nutrition diagnostic tools for soil sampling, tissue sampling and nutrient uptake analysis with critical agronomic insights and precise product recommendations.

Variable Rate Technology

In our tough markets and with the cost of inputs, it’s never been more important to manage the application of fertilizer, seed, hybrid varieties and lime. As one part of the Optimized Acre, Variable Rate Technology (VRT) can be the cornerstone of maximizing the ROI of crop inputs.
VRT prescriptions can be created from:

  • R7® Tool
  • Grain Harvest maps (single and multi-year)
  • GPS grid soil sampling
  • Veris cart
  • Soil Type map
  • Elevation


Full Circle AG has the expertise and equipment to take care most VRT needs.
  • Fertilizer applications (single and multi-product)
    • Pre-emerge
    • At planting/seeding
    • Side-Dressing
    • Top Dressing
  • Seeding/Planting (seeds/ac)
  • Multi-variety seeding
  • Lime application with spinner

Full Circle Ag can provide both build and crop removal VRT fertilizer recommendations to optimize the ROI. VRT allows the reallocation of inputs from the underperforming areas of a field to higher potential areas.

Full Circle Ag's Optimized Acre Program

  • Hybrid placement
  • Spatial solutions available:
    • R7 platform (R7, FMT, in season imagery)
    • Climate Field View Prime
    • SMS
  • VRT Rx’s (Fertilizer, planting and side dress)
  • Planting and harvest monitor setup
  • * Nutrisolutions 360 Tissue Sample (1 per field)
  • * Discount of R7 for matching seed purchase (soybeans must be treated)

Optimized Acre - Whole Farm (New for 2018)

  • Whole farm is enrolled in R7
  • Field information needs to be entered in R7
  • All Optimized Acre features are included plus additional discounts on crop inputs:
    • Matching seed purchase (soybeans must be treated)
    • Fertilizer stabilizers
    • Max-In® products
    • Ascend and other targeted products
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