August Leadership Updates - David Andresen, CEO

Looking back at last April, I was very concerned about a late spring and wondering how it would affect the crop year. Then the month of May turned out to be one of the best I can remember in quite some time.  Now as I drive to work and look at the beautiful stand of crops, my thoughts turn to harvest.  Knock on wood, the current crops look like a possible bin buster. Even though harvest is a couple months away, Full Circle Ag is preparing to handle this extraordinary crop. Our goal is to have our grain inventories at the lowest point possible to make your hauling and dumping process as expedient as possible. I have a feeling we could be taking some corn and beans at the same time this year and we are trying to prepare for this the best we can.

If mother nature is good to us, I believe you might have an opportunity for some fall fertilization.  This in turn would assist Full Circle Ag for better utilization of facilities, personnel and equipment. This should also allow you to get product on this fall so that you don’t have a compressed spring, should we have a late winter. Please contact your local agronomist for assistance in you fall needs. Currently, it does not appear that fertilizer input prices are going to decrease throughout this fall. Full Circle Ag has laid in your needs for this fall should the opportunity arise after harvest.

August 31, 2018 marks Full Circle’s fiscal year end. As all of you know; this is a very challenging ag economy we are facing, and we feel your pain at the distributor level. I have personally been involved in the agriculture sphere all my career and have been through many of these down cycles. While these are trying times, I do know this cycle will end and better profits will return.The question is always "When?" At Full Circle Ag, we are doing our best to manage expenses and be as efficient as possible during these tough agriculture times. 

In closing, I want to thank all our consumers for your continued business and commitment to your local cooperative. 

Dave Andresen
Full Circle AG