May Leadership Updates - Dave Andresen, CEO

Spring Has Arrived

As I look out my window, it appears spring has finally arrived. With the late arrival of spring, we will have a compressed time allotment to get your crops in the ground.  It is for this reason I want to remind everyone to be safe out there in the fields.  It is human nature to try to get more accomplished in a day when we are behind and that is when accidents happen. So please stay safe out there this spring. 

Someone once told me that the if you get hurt, you are not only cheating yourself but also all your loved ones and everyone that depends on you.  Again, please try to slow down, take a break when you need it because an accident not only affects you but also to those around you.

At Full Circle Ag we will try our best to get you all the products and services you need in a timely manner.  You might have to be patient with us at times because with a compressed spring, everything will have to be accomplished in a short window of time.  We believe we are fully prepared for the spring rush with the right amount of staff, products, and services that you will need.

I would like to welcome Eric Paulson to the Full Circle Ag family.  Eric will be the location manager and salesman for the new Forman Agronomy location.  He began his duties on Monday April 30th, 2018.  Eric comes to us with management and agronomy expertise. Eric and his family will be moving to the Forman area within a few weeks. 

I would also like to welcome Cathy Schmitz to the company’s family.  Cathy came onboard about 6 weeks ago and spent most of her time in the administrative office in Britton.  Cathy is now located at the Forman agronomy center.  Cathy also come to us with a wealth of experience, not only in bookkeeping, but she has product knowledge in both agronomy and grain.

Please help welcome these two-outstanding people to Full Circle Ag.

The phone number for Forman Agronomy is 701-724-4113.  As soon as Eric Paulson is on board he will be getting his contact information out to you.

For those that have not noticed we are in the first phase of redesigning our web site to be more user friendly and a one stop shop.  When completed, you will be able to utilize the web site for all your needs even on your tablet or phone.  We have specifically designed the web site so that when you check it on your hand-held device, it is functional and easy to read.

When completed, our website will be interactive for billing, placing orders, and numerous other applications.  When you have a moment, please check out the new website at  Our plans are to have some updated information weekly and monthly.  It is for this reason we have discontinued our newsletter that we mailed out quarterly.  We have a few more months before we will complete the last two phases but please make any suggestions for improvements you would like to see.

Lastly, I can not say it enough.  Stay safe out there this spring.

Dave Andresen
Full Circle Ag