December Leadership Updates

On December 11, 2018, Full Circle Ag held it’s 86th Annul Meeting.  An audit report was given by Greg Cargin from the auditing firm of Gardiner/Thomsen. Following the report, management asked for questions and gave their perspective on the fiscal year.  Management reported they were disappointed in the lower earnings, but the current fiscal year is starting off well.

During my report, I spoke about the media hysteria about GMO’s and what I consider false advertising.  Next time you are in a store, observe the labeling on products.  You can now purchase non-GMO water, kitty litter and dog shampoo.  My response is: Of course you can because there are not GMO plant-based ingredients in these products and never have been.  It frustrates me that the media and advertising companies are taking this route as it only adds to the hysteria surrounding GMO products.  The World Health Organization (WHO), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the National Academy of Science, all stake unequivocally that there is NO scientific proof GMO’s are harmful.  In fact, if GMO crops were not being produced, the level of starvation in the world would be catastrophic. 

As in past meetings, I asked the patrons to make sure they tell their story about production ag.  Otherwise, this hype about how bad GMO’s are will continue to be abused and consumers will become overly sensitive on the message.  Less than 1.4% of the people in the U.S. are involved in or have any idea of what production agriculture really is.  Worse yet, less than 1.2% of our Senators or Congress have touched or are involved in production agriculture.  This is stunning since they are the people who pass environmental laws and the farm bill.  It is for this reason I implore everyone to continue to tell the story of how safe production ag is and the plight we would be in if we were not able to produce GMO crops.

Finally, I announced my retirement at the annual meeting.  I will be retiring on August 31, 2019 after serving Full Circle Ag for just shy of 24 years.  It has been a very fulfilling 24 years and I want to thank all 34 directors I have served with over the years.  I also want to acknowledge and thank all the employees for their assistance.  It has been a good run.

David Andresen, CEO


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