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Grain for Goodness: Now is the Time

Oct 03,2022

Let's work together.

Riding for Dreams and Sargent County 4-H Recipients of Grain for Goodness

Apr 04,2022

For Full Circle Ag, it’s not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference.

Pierpont Park Receives Triple Donation

Oct 09,2020

In conjunction with our Grain for Goodness Program, Audrey and Mark Johnson helped the Langford shop class in their project for the local park.

Inspiring Our Youth with Grain for Goodness

Apr 21,2020

With the help of a donation from our Grain for Goodness program, the Sargent County Hippology Club was able to go to the Western National Roundup this year.

Langford Community Foundation Receives Donation

Apr 08,2020

The Langford Community Foundation is one of the latest recipients of our Grain for Goodness program.

Benefit Your Community

Feb 19,2020

As a Member-Owned Cooperative operating in several small towns and rural communities, we try to assist local growth as much as possible.

Riding for Dreams

Jun 10,2019

Riding For Dreams is a therapeutic horse riding program found in southeast North Dakota. Their inspiration stems from their passion and love for children and horses.

"All Gave Some. Some Gave All."

Apr 05,2019

What is better than a project that will stand as a lasting symbol of our community's honor and recognition of all area veterans? Knowing that we were able to help support it.


Why We Chose Grain for Goodness

Dec 28,2018

It's no secret that small towns and rural communities throughout the United States are looking for ways to strengthen their economies, provide a better quality of life, and build on their individual local assets.

Member Co-op Match Program

May 23,2018

What's better than a donation? A matching one.