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Announcing New Chief Operating Officer

Nov 28,2022

We are pleased to share with you that Travis Christensen has been appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer at Full Circle Ag. 

Meet the Team: Ethan Lubenow

Nov 21,2022

We are excited to announce our new Sales Agronomist, Ethan Lubenow.

Alan Hawkinson Joins Our Team

Nov 11,2022

We are excited to announce a new Propane Sales and Delivery driver: Alan Hawkinson. 

Meet the Team: Jeffrey Scheffert

Oct 06,2022

Meet Jeffrey Scheffert, Sales Agronomist in Hecla.

Meet the Team: Garret Thompson

Aug 10,2022

Meet Garret Thompson, our new Sales Agronomist in Doland.

Meet the Team: Brent Neys

May 30,2022

Meet Brent Neys, our Assistant Manager in Groton.

Meet the Team: Tony Lyren

Apr 06,2022

Meet Tony, our Sales Agronomist in Doland.

Welcome to the Team: Kali Colbert

Mar 07,2022

We are excited to announce our newest addition to the Forman elevator: Kali Colbert, Grain Procurement Specialist.

Certified Energy Specialist: Tim Salberg

Feb 07,2022

We are excited for you to meet our Certified Energy Specialist, Tim Salberg.

Roehr Celebrates 25 Years

Jan 31,2022

Hard work and loyalty are gifts not everyone possesses. But Karen Roehr has it, and we are glad to have someone like her working on our team.

Rasmussen Celebrates 25 Years

Jan 27,2022

Self-motivated, disciplined, and focused. These are just a few words that describe an employee that recently met a major milestone with Full Circle Ag.

Tisher Joins Full Circle Ag

Nov 04,2021

We are excited to announce the addition to our team, Jackson Tisher, as our new Key Account Manager.

Meet the Team: Melissa Remund

Sep 21,2021

Farming is a daily responsibility of learning, owning, managing, operating, educating, and maintaining, while keeping faith, supporting family, and enjoying friends. While working at Full Circle Ag, I hope to help each grower make these tasks easier.” – Melissa Remund

Wieker New Hecla Location Manager

Sep 14,2021

We are excited to share the news that Brady Wieker has accepted the position of Hecla Agronomy Location Manager for us here at Full Circle Ag.

Meet the Team: Rebecca Deibert

Aug 17,2021

Rebecca Deibert has been our Groton Agronomy Bookkeeper for nearly a year and has been a great addition to the company.

Meet the Team: Jackie Hofer

Jul 15,2021

“Now that I am a part of this lifestyle, I want to contribute and the best way I can do that is by lending a hand wherever needed.”

Newest Addition to Full Circle Ag

Jul 14,2021

We are excited to welcome the newest addition to our management staff, Justin Ostby!

Meet the Team: Sara Frey

Jun 29,2021

26 years ago, Full Circle Ag was fortunate enough to gain a hard-working, motivated team member. You guessed it: Sara Frey.

Meet the Team: Amy Samson

Jun 21,2021

Amy Samson has been our Pierpont Agronomy Location Bookkeeper for over five years.

Meet the Team: Brian Beck

May 12,2021

Meet: Brian Beck, Energy Department Manager/Safety Coordinator

Meet the Team: Becky Roehr

Apr 26,2021

If you have stopped in our main office in Britton within the last 27 years, chances are you know who Becky Roehr is.

Meet the Team: Angela Hawkinson

Apr 12,2021

If you are a new employee with Full Circle Ag, one of the first faces you will see is that of Angela Hawkinson.

Meet the Team: Tim Fieber

Mar 29,2021

“Working with a great group of growers in this area makes it easy coming to work.”

Meet the Team: Joe Gustafson

Mar 02,2021

What do the Claremont Honkers, Langford Lions, and the Veblen Cardinals have in common?

Meet the Team: Lynda Luttrell

Feb 09,2021

If you are looking for someone to put a smile on your face, just stop in our c-store in Britton and have a visit with Lynda.

Meet the Team: Delbert Remily

Jan 27,2021

“I like the fact that every day is a new challenge.” Delbert Remily, who has been with the co-op for 28 years, is not afraid of hard work.

Meet the Team: Ryan Kutter

Jan 11,2021

If you’re looking for someone with over 20 years of experience in agronomy product application, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet the Team: Missy Grandpre

Dec 28,2020

Missy Grandpre, who has been with the company for 14 years, has recently moved to a new role: Project Coordinator.

Meet the Team: Mike Muth

Dec 16,2020

“I really enjoy working with the customers to understand what their needs are and try to help them achieve their goals.”

Meet the Team: Casey Erickson

Dec 02,2020

Casey Erickson, who has been with the company for nearly 4 years, has recently moved to a new role...

Meet the Team: Russell Wright

Nov 18,2020

If you’re looking for someone who has over 30 years of experience in the agronomy sector, you’re in the right place.

Meet the Team: Betty Maly

Nov 11,2020

If you have ever brought grain to our Forman elevator in the last 32 years, chances are you have seen a familiar face each time.

Meet the Team: Lance Frohling

Nov 02,2020

Lance Frohling, who has been with Full Circle Ag for over 15 years, has recently moved to a new role: Key Account Manager.

Meet the Team: Eric Paulson

Oct 19,2020

“Although change is hard, every change presents a new opportunity. Whether or not we capitalize on that opportunity is based off our decision and positive mindset.”

Meet the Team: Hope Christenson

Oct 05,2020

You might already recognize the face of this team member as Hope has been with the company for over 4 years.