Fuel for Thought - January 7, 2019

Good morning to all. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year despite the pair of storms that showed up. It's nice to see the sun shine. Hopefully Mother Nature has that weather out of her system.

A short blurb about energy markets…I believe we have reached the bottom. Markets have turned bullish this week. They usually settle lower than the daily high, but still positive. The OPEC+ cuts were set to start January 1st and actually the December numbers were 406 kb lower than the previous month. In addition, Canada has severely cut production and any new drilling. Today’s report has Canada at only 20 rigs vs 98 one year ago, Even though todays inventory report was bearish it was a short week in that respect and my marketers say not to put much stock in this week’s numbers as there should be across the board draws next week. With all of that being said, if you haven’t covered spring needs, now would be the time.

Let’s talk propane. If you use propane for heating at all, propane in the tank is a plus. If you are on our Keepfull program, we are getting to you ASAP. We are running a little behind due to the weather and holidays. If you are a will-call customer, PLEASE check your tank regularly. If you run out during working hours, it disrupts our ability to deliver in a timely, cost effective, routed manner; thereby raising the price for everyone. If you run out after hours, in addition to the above stated reasons, our drivers have to go back out after an already long day, miss time away from there families, and occasionally may have to drive in bad weather. There are very hefty charges that will be assessed for a call-in out of gas customer. Please help us help you. Check your tanks regularly, order in a timely fashion, and avoid the excess charges.

Thanks for your patronage and think spring!!

Brian Beck

Transport Price Ruby Fieldmaster 7500 gal minimum

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Aberdeen/Groton Area


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Forman/Gwinner Area


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